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Monday, August 31, 2009

Have You answered the Call?

While watching various scenes in the life of Ted Kennedy on television. this week, one segment especially impressed me. Some years ago Ted Kennedy was being asked why he wasn’t making a bid for the presidency. He answered that he wasn’t interested in pursuing the presidency and then he explained that his life’s calling was about service.

The television announcer went on to tell some of his story. In his 47 years as senator, Ted Kennedy often let other senators put their names on his bills. Others got the credit and recognition for his work. Over the years and behind the scenes Ted wrote and worked with his fellow senators to pass over 300 bills, most of which have radically changed our society today. Many of his bills have changed the lives of those in need. His mission was to give opportunities to those who might lack opportunity. And along with his senate duties he always found time to volunteer – tutor children, intervene in desperate situations.

I couldn’t help but remember Jesus’ words in Luke 22:25-27 that “those who would be the greatest among us would be those who would be the servants.”

In the parable of the talents, Matthew 25:14-29, Scripture tells us that each of us is given something. Some of us are given five talents, some two and some only one. But our Father expects us all to invest what we have been given – or to give back. We aren’t supposed to go dig a hole and bury our talent just for ourselves. He makes a big point that we better not do that—that there will be an accounting of what we do with what He has given us. Our talents aren’t just for our own use, they are given to us to share with others.

Teddy Kennedy often remarked that the lessons he had learned from his Mother had shaped his whole life. Rose Kennedy taught her children that since they had been given privileges, it was their responsibility to give back to those who were in need.. The Kennedy family expected their children to serve in the political arena and to level the playing field for the less fortunate. This service became Ted Kennedy’s life work. He indeed answered the call

We have a heavenly Father who teaches us that since we belong to His family and have been blessed and given everything that we also have been given a large responsibility.
Because we have been given grace and love and forgiveness we are commanded to pass grace and love and forgiveness on to those around us. Jesus asks us to “Feed My sheep.” Because Jesus is a Servant He commands us to be servants. Because He has given us His life he asks us to give our lives for others.

Are we following Christ in this life of love and servitude? Have we answered the call?

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