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Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec. 21st. The Shortest Day of the Year

The Shortest Day of the Year

Today, December 21st is the shortest day of the calendar year. This is the day in the year because of the earth’s rotation that it is furthest away from the sun. If the earth were to keep moving away from the sun as it has for the last six months, everything on our earth would soon die in frozen darkness. Aren’t we glad that God the Creator has His Hand on the earth’s annual rotation around the sun? Today is the day that the earth stops moving further from the sun and starts moving closer again.

Tradition has it that the reason December 25th. was chosen as the day to celebrate Christ’s birth was because by December 25th the ancient astronomers could ascertain that our earth was finally moving closer to the sun again. The first sign that warmth and light were returning to the earth! Springtime and hope were on their way. In the winter of our lives when darkness is taking over; the hope of the Christ Child arrives to bring us the promise of light and life. Praise God!

Our next devotional will not be posted until January 4th.

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