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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Chief End of Man

The Chief End of Man

By Francis A. Schaeffer

“The chief end of man

is to glorify God

and to enjoy Him forever.”

It would be scripturally false to leave out the second phrase –

“and to enjoy Him forever.”

The men who formulated this showed

Great wisdom and insight in saying,

“and to enjoy Him forever.”

Nevertheless, the first phrase is the first phrase:

“The chief end of man is to glorify God.”

And in Christianity we have a non-determined God

Who did not need to create

Because there was love and communication within the Trinity,

And yet having been created, we as men can glorify God.

But we must feel the force of both sides of the issue.

If we fail to emphasize that we can glorify God,

We raise the whole question of whether men are significant at all.

We begin to lose our humanity as soon as we begin to lose the emphasis

That what we do makes a difference.

We can glorify God, and both the Old and New Testament say

That we can even make God sad.

That is tremendous.

We will continue with Roaming Through Romans Chapters 15 and 16 next week.


  1. Yes, we do make a difference.

    May we fulfill our purpose in God's plan and not make Him sad.

  2. It is exciting that we have a purpose in God's plan and amazing that He cares so much about us that we can make Him glad --and sad too. Thanks for sharing "The Chief End of Man."