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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Operation

My Operation

I just wrote a Christian lesson for this week, but then I decided to maybe put it up next week instead of now. I may not get around to writing a lesson next week because I will be in the hospital for a few days. So I will save this week’s lesson for next.

Next Wednesday I am going to have an operation on my lower back. The large nerve that runs down the spine is being pinched so badly that it will die if something isn’t done soon. The discs in the spine are there to protect the nerve, but when they wear out they quit doing their job. And several of my discs have given up.

The doctor showed us the images on the mri and the X Ray and we could easily see where the discs had moved out of line and had cut off the poor nerve. My right leg hurts badly so I have no other choice than to have the operation.

The doctor will fuse four discs in my lower spine. I will have metal rods and screws put in the spine to keep it in place. He will grind up part of my bone and mix it in a grinder with my bone marrow and then put it back in the spine to help fuse the new bone with rods and screws all together. All sounds a bit macabre.

Hopefully then the poor pinched nerve will not be pinched anymore and it will finally have enough room to be a nerve again. The operation should take five hours but then I will have a new lower back.

I am so glad that we have good doctors and medical techniques and medicines and hospitals. I ask any of you who would be willing to remember me in your prayers - that the surgery will go well next Wednesday. Thank you so much. And I will be back next week with another lesson.


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